Siemens EDA

Getting Started with Siemens EDA Tools.

The EDA tools are installed on the system dragon. dragon can be access via ssh from the login node, via x11 forwarding from the login node's ThinLink, or directly via ThinLink with Foxy Proxy. See ThinLinc Quickstart to get started with ThinLinc Setup. See Accessing ExCL for more details on logging in.

Ssh access:

ssh -Y -J <username> <username>@dragon

ThinLinc access to login:

ThinLinc access to dragon (Requires reverse proxy to be setup):

All of the tools are installed to /opt/Siemens and the tools can be set up with

source /opt/Siemens/

Also, please join the siemens-eda slack channel in the ORNL CCSD slack.

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