EMU-Chick System is composed of 8x nodes that are connected via RapidIO Interconnect.

Each node has:

  • 8x nodelets, array of DRAMs

  • A stationary core (SC)

  • Migration engine, PCI-Express interfaces, and an SSD.

  • 64-byte channel 64GB of DRAM, divided into eight 8-byte narrow-channel-DRAMs (NC-DRAM

Each nodelet has:

  • 2x Gosamer cores (GC)

  • 64 concurrent in-order, single-issue hardware threads


  • The path to access to each individual EMU node is: login.excl.ornl.govemu-gwemu ⇒ {n0-n7}

  • emu-gw is an x86-based gateway node.

  • The emu is the system board controller (sbc) and individual nodes are accessed only via this host.

  • Connections to emu from the emu-gw are via preset ssh keys that are created during account creation. If you can't log in, your user account/project do not have access to EMU systems.

Development Workflow

  • The EMU software development kit (SDK) is installed under /usr/local/emu on emu-gw, which is an x86 based system. Compilation and simulation should be performed on this machine.

  • The official EMU programming guide is located under /usr/docs.

  • emu and emu-gw mount home directories, so you should have no difficulty accessing your projects. Please use $HOME (or ${HOME}) as your home directory in scripts, as the mount location of your home directory, may change.

Other Resources

This document will be updated with additional documentation references and user information as it becomes available.


Please send assistance requests to excl-help@ornl.gov.

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