This document describes how to access Snapdragon 855 HDK boards through mcmurdo and amundsen excl computing machines. The Snapdragon 855 HDK board is connected to Ubuntu linux machines through ADB.


The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Hardware Development Kit (HDK) is a highly integrated and optimized Android development platform.

Accessing this system:

  • Qualcomm board is connected to an HPZ820 workstation (McMurdo) or to an HP Z4 workstation (Clark) through USB

  • Development Environment: Android SDK/NDK

  • Login to mcmurdo or clark

    • $ ssh –Y mcmurdo

  • Setup Android platform tools and development environment

    • $ source /home/nqx/setup_android.source

  • Make sure you have a functining environment

    • adb kill-server

    • adb start-server

    • adb root (restart adbd as root)

    • adb devices (to make sure there is a snapdragon responding)

    • adb shell (to test connecting to the device)

  • Run Hello-world on ARM cores

  • Run OpenCL example on GPU

Other Details

The snapdragon SDK uses python 2.7; you may need to explicitly specify python2 in your environment.


Access will be granted per request (as this cannot be used as a shared resource).


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